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Top Priority Community Outreach Services, Inc. is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 not for profit organization. We promote successful and healthy living by focusing on the wrap around effects and engaging the entire family and community.
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About Us

Health Services Staffing

Health services staffing today needs to take a different approach and we offer that difference. With increasing numbers of patients leaving the hospital or nursing home and then getting readmitted within 30 days no one is winning. What is clear is that patients are getting the information they need to make the transition home but they are not changing a lifetime of habits. Habit change has to begin with the nursing staff and the therapists who work with patients during their acute illness. Top Priority nursing and therapy staff members are trained in evidence based applied behavioral techniques, beyond their professional skills, to identify patients who are most at-risk for non-adherence.

The Top Priority Difference

Our staff members are more than the credentials they have earned and the services they provide. Each provider is a behavioral scientist equipped with the skills necessary to identify at-risk patients and to provide a behavior transition plan to eliminate the habits that led to their illness and then replace them with habits that are essential to recovery and return to optimal function in their home and community. What’s more is that these professionals cost no more than their non-behavior trained peers. The long-term benefit of our services is a reduced risk of readmission within the 30 day critical period post discharge and more predictable outcomes for the patient.

Behavior Transition Coaching

Following the doctor’s plan of care is where we begin. Whether the care is provided by our nurses or therapy staff, each encounter with the patient is an opportunity to assess their risks for non-adherence and to make recommendations to the provider and family how to improve on outcomes when the patient is no longer a patient. We are aware that non-adherence represents a significant risk, not only to the patient but to the providers as well. Each year 125,000 patients die as a direct result of not following the plan of care. In addition a significant amount of the $290 billion in additional costs could be avoided by identifying “at-risk” patients and developing new habits.

Our Mission

Filling your critical staffing needs is an essential part of what we do. Of equal importance is improving the outcomes for each patient that we work with. Our mission in following the plan of care is to identify patients who are at high risk for plan of care failure. We identify these risk factors to the patient, patient’s family, and their providers. We then begin behavior based transition coaching to improve adherence when the patient is handed off to the family or home health services agency. Can you continue to withstand the “Quality Care” withholds when you have done everything correctly and the patient is readmitted because they didn’t feel they needed to follow the plan of care after discharge?