Top Priority Community Outreach Services, Inc. | Education, Research and Training
Top Priority Community Outreach Services, Inc. is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 not for profit organization. We promote successful and healthy living by focusing on the wrap around effects and engaging the entire family and community.
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Education, Research and Training

The Whole Person

At TPCOS we look at the whole person by evaluating their background and readiness to take on any new assignment. Do they have the required education and training? Are there any deficiencies in their understanding of human behavior and how to bring out the best results in their clients, patients, and families? Our research focus is “behavior based” as we look for better ways to improve adherence to the provider’s plan of care.


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Many of our positions are entry level and required that we evaluate and assess the skill levels of the staff we hire and then provide them with the knowledge they will need to be successful. In addition to staff education, we work with families in the same manner to ensure they too have the skills necessary to be successful in the most important job in the world, parenting.


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Training is the second expert area following education. Our first question is does the person have the knowledge required to do the job? Second, do they have the requisite skills to accomplish the manual components of the job? In an era where demand exceeds supply bodies are used to fill slots and often these people only meet the minimum required education levels. They are thrown into a position for which they are not adequately “trained.” The end result of this process is significant turnover. Our training programs are designed to train the trainers as well as provide staffing for your agencies with professionals who are both clinically competent and behaviorally prepared to take on the tasks necessary to improve adherence and outcomes.


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Thomas A. Edison is credited with saying, “There’s a better way… find it!” The search for improved quality and productivity has resulted in a vast array of “New and Improved” fixes including Six Sigma, Lean, Motivational Interviewing and others that have faded into fad history. Two of the above processes named above were created in the mass production market to improve quality in the process. Motivational Interviewing was developed thirty years ago to help alcoholics and has since expanded into every other aspect of patient education. Our training focus is on creating nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists and others across the health services spectrum who are trained to used Behavior Transition Coaching (BeTr™ Coaches) to create better habits in the patients they serve. Our research focus is on demonstrating that training health services professionals as BeTr Coaches will result in better adherence and outcomes.